Intentional Listening

I will listen to your song with my full attention and then I will make notes about the song strengths and weaknesses.



Gain Staging


Gain Staging

I will make sure that each and every track have the right amount of gain so they can sound at their best.


I'm going to balance the tonal elements of all of your tracks so they can sound really clear and powerful.






Your tracks will get just the right amount of compression in order to have energy and musicality.

Creative FX

Now that your tracks are sounding really good, we are going to take them to the next level by complementing them with tasty touches of reverb, delay and some special FX.







Now that the mix is almost finished, let's make sure that every part of the song is there for a reason and let's make it interesting from start to finish.

Your mix will not get any pitch correction, drum editing or comping of any of your tracks. So make sure your tracks are edited before you send them to me. If you do, I will be able to focus all of my energy and attention on mixing your song rather than editing it.

As a musician, I know that it's hard to let someone else mess around with your music, so every mix I do includes up to two rounds of revisions. Of course that revisions are based on your feedback, so don't worry. So at the end you will have my first mix and if necessary two more versions of it, so everyone is happy at the end.

Mixing Rates


Mixing Package - $120 USD or $2,000 MXN per song

  • Professional Mixing
  • Up to two revisions
  • High quality wave files and ready to go mp3 files

Send me an email

Shoot me an email so we can plan the schedule or check out my work.